XID8800 Dual-Energy LDA

Linear Diode Array (LDA) Camera Products for Dual-Energy X-ray


XID8800 LDA Line-Scan Camera Module

The X-Scan XID8800 Series Line-Scan Camera Module Series offers dual-energy imaging capability to differentiate materials in a variety of inspection applications by simultaneously capturing high-energy and low-energy images. Specific features include: X-ray energy range options for low (25-100 KeV) and high (45-160 KeV) energy imaging, 16-bit A/D conversion, low noise, high sensitivity, variable scan speed with position synchronization. Interfacing options include GigE, USB 3.0, and Camera Link. The XID8800 camera module includes a camera unit, software development kit, power adapter and cabling. An optional frame-grabber which can be installed in the computer is also available.



XID8800 Datasheet datasheet