XIH8800 High-Energy LDA

Linear Diode Array (LDA) Camera Products for High-Energy X-ray


XIH8800 High-Energy LDA Line-Scan Camera Module

X-Scan’s XIH8800 Line-Scan Cameras are designed for high-energy x-ray and gamma-ray scanning applications ranging from 100 KeV to 15 MeV energy levels. High-energy accelerators, collimators, and detectors such as the XIH8800 are required to image large, dense objects such as metal castings and steel objects whose thickness can range from 1 to 12 inches. Fan-beam collimation minimize the scattering that limits image contrast. A clever compact design combines scintillation (for conversion of high-energy photons to visible light) and fiber optics for conveying the visible light to a shielded off-axis linear imaging photodiode array. A tungsten housing shields the diode array and camera electronics against scatter and ensures long-life reliability under extreme radiation conditions. The GigE interface option featuring long cable lengths is recommended for high-energy applications. The XIH8800 camera module includes a camera unit, software development kit, power adapter and cabling. An optional frame-grabber which can be installed in the computer is also available.


XIH8800 Datasheet datasheet