X-ray Line-Scan Camera Modules

High Performance X-ray Sensitive Line-Scan Camera Products


Series Energy range Description Common Applications
XI8800 datasheet 15 – 160 KV Straight Food
XIH8800 datasheet 0.1 – 15 MeV High-E Straight & Curved Pipes, Castings, CT
XID8800 datasheet Dual energy Straight Food, Recycling
XL8800 datasheet 40 – 160 KV L-shaped Auto, Security
XU8800 datasheet 40 – 160 KV U-shaped Tires
XTI12848 datasheet 15 KV – 15 MeV Straight TDI Electronics, Welds

X-Scan Imaging Line-Scan camera products incorporate the company’s proprietary x-ray sensitive CMOS and CCD linear diode array (LDA) and time-delayed integration (TDI) silicon imaging chips providing wide dynamic range and solid-state reliability. The chips can be butted together and mounted on a PC board to form a variety of active detector lengths and configurations. We optimize our detectors for high-speed and high signal-to-noise performance. Our current lineup includes the above camera models designed for a variety of inspection and imaging applications. We also custom-design features such as TDI and advanced scintillators into camera modules according to application requirements.